Special & Sweet Journey Of Mr William Eng Ken-Fui

2017 Incheon, Korea, Mr William Eng Ken Fui has his official meeting with Mr Sang-Yoon Oh, The President/CEO of Ecomaister Co. Ltd for Sole-Distributorship in Malaysia.
Official appointment letter as SOLE-APPROVED DISTRIBUTOR of PS BALL, R.O. KOREA in MALAYSIA.
2016-2017, Busan, Mr William EngKF received official invitation from Ecomaister Co. Ltd to participate with their booth at Madex & Sea-Port Exhibition, 2017

PS Ball, product presentation during Madex & Sea-Port Exhibition, 2017 and meeting Dr Santiago Faucher, The Chief Technology Officer, Ecomaister Co.Ltd @ Busan, R.O. Korea

PS Ball Product Presentation by Mr William EngKF, The Managing Director of Suria Versatile Supply & Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Busan Night View

Official Appointment Letter by Ecomaister Co., Ltd, R.O. Korea as Sole Approved Distributor of PS Ball in Malaysia, dated 01 Feb 2019

Aug 2009, AJ-ECO TECH SDN BHD, The subsidiary of Ann Joo Group of Companies had appointed one of our subsidiary company RZF SHARPSHOOT SDN BHD as his marketing arm for his PS Ball (Newly named as Atomizing Steel Ball) in Malaysia.

Feb 2012, by invitation of Pak Ario and Pak Jefri Thomas from Krakatau Steel, Indonesia, ENG KEN FUI start import PS Ball from PT. KRAKATAU STEEL, INDONESIA.

Mar 2015, ENG KEN FUI formed his group and start dealing with YUJIN STEEL CO., LTD of R.O. KOREA for his SC Ball. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Mark have to pass EKF to Ecomaister Co., Ltd & Beads Maister Co. Ltd. Since then EKF started import PS Ball from Korea & India. EKF & Ecomaister Group of Companies start his business relationship and works well through the years till up to date.

Feb 2019, ECOMAISTER CO., LTD, R.O. Korea officially appointed  ENG KEN FUI (Sabah & Sarawak) & EKF INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SDN BHD (formerly known as SURIA VERSATILE SUPPLY & SERVICES SDN BHD (Peninsular Malaysia), the subsidiaries of EKF Group as PS Ball Official Sole Distributor & Stockist in Malaysia. Please be reminded all shipment or batch of PS Ball came with Certificates of Origin and Mill Certificate or other equivalent document issued by EKF only. For inquiry, kindly e-mail to;-

psballmalaysia@gmail.com & williamengkf@gmail.com

Our team will reply soonest as possible for you. Thank you.


The Management

EKF Group of Compnies

Busan Morning View

Appearance of PS Ball

Samples of Certificate of Origin & Mill Certificates for some imported shipments by EKF, Malaysia

2017, Complaints update and follow up with Ecomaister Co.Ltd, Korea.
EKF communicated closely with technical team in Korea once EKF received complaints or feedback.
EKF assured that PS Ball always be well monitored

Introduction of ;-     

Ecomaister Co., Ltd, Korea, Beads Maister Co., Ltd, Korea, Ecomaister Beads India Ptv. Ltd, India & Subsidiaries Companies of EKF Group, Malaysia. 

Ecomaister Co. Ltd of Korea is the Inventor and Patent Holder of Slag Atomizing Technology (S.A.T) in Electric Arc Furnace (E.A.F) producing PS Ball blast-cleaning abrasive for the surface preparation of protective and lining.

ENG KEN FUI (Sabah) & ENG KEN FUI (Sarawak) and Suria Versatile Supply & Services Sdn Bhd subsidiaries of EKF Group of Companies had been appointed as Marketing Distributor of  PS Ball Abrasive in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. Certificate Of Origin and Mill Certificate will be attached in every shipment delivery to protect the benefits of clients and assurance of the quality of PS Ball.

With the spinel structure and existed as a combination of molecules such as Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, AL2O3 and SiO2. It is safe as slag won’t form Silica Dust (NO FREE SILICA DUST), Non Detected on Water Soluble Chloride and Chloride Content in Abrasive, Eco-friendly and recycled green product.

Applications of PSA Ball

Dry Blasting Works
Shipbuilding Industry
Ship Maintenance Industry
Towel Crane Weight Material
Road Repairing & Construction Industry
Concrete Roof Repairing & Construction Industry

2019, PS Ball Trademark Registration in Malaysia